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Packages and Pricing


Thank you so much for taking the time to read through my pricing and packages brochure. This site will guide you through the packages I offer, their pricing along with hopefully answering any questions you may have about your wedding film and it's creation.
If you read through this brochure and still have questions, please don't hesitate to ask me through our emails.


I only work with a limited number of weddings per year.
I do this because I want to intimately serve each couple and give time to each film edit.

Let's craft something beautiful.


I work on each wedding film for up to weeks at a time. Culling, colouring and crafting hours of raw footage into something that’s timeless.


Energy is what I’m aiming for in the films I make. I don’t want you to skip a single second of your film. I want you to relive the energy of your wedding day.

Photography & Videography

With 6 years of filming weddings and performing the duties of not only Videographer but Photographer too, I am so excited to now offer Photography packages. Below you will find details on my Videography and Photography packages.



Packages are in GBP / Euro

Travel charges

My packages are priced in GBP and Euro. I provide a myriad of ways to transfer money eg; Revolut , Wise , PayPal etc.

Weddings with receptions outside of Northern Ireland may have travel charges applied.
£15 per 30 mins outside of the NI border.

Weddings more than 2 hours from Belfast will have an extra charge of £150 to cover travel and accommodation the night before.

£2000 / €2340

Arlow Package

£2000 / €2340

Fenn Package

The Fenn package includes;

Full day filming from Prep in the morning until up to 5 songs after your first dances.

A feature film of your wedding day that has no time limit. Films can normally last approx 30 mins - 1 hour in length. This film includes your full wedding ceremony and speeches. Drone footage will also be included in your film ( Weather permitting ).

A 1 minute teaser video (examples can be seen on my Instagram @markryanweddingfilms )

Private online Gallery which hosts your wedding film along with a private download link.

£2500 / €2920

Neroli Package

The Neroli package combines both the Arlow and Fenn packages into a joint bundle package, With the Neroli package you will recieve;

Full day filming from Prep in the morning until up to 5 songs after your first dances.

A feature film with no time limit that includes your full ceremony and speeches along with a 5-7 minute highlight film of your wedding day.

A 1 minute teaser video (examples can be seen on my Instagram @markryanweddingfilms )

Private online Gallery which hosts your wedding film along with a private download link.

£3000 / €3500

( You can watch Chris & Denise's wedding films to see an example of what is included in the Neroli Package )

My Process



Let’s meet on Zoom or FaceTime. We’ll chat about your plans, and be sure
we’re the perfect fit. You’ll choose your package, sign a contract, and send a £500 retainer to officially book your day.



I’m your teammate (and let’s be real, I’ll be your friend, too). I’m here for you. Anything you need before the wedding day, just ask!
We will run through your wedding day timeline and get to know eachother. This will elevate your film.



The big day is here! I’ll arrive in the morning, usually around 10-11 am

but it can change! I’ll film your entire day and be by your side for anything you need.



Your film will be delivered with 6 months after your wedding day. I let you both know when I start editing and when you can expect it by. You’ll recieve your 1 minute teaser before your film’s delievery!





It's Official!

Choose a package /
Sign & Pay

We'll meet

Email me!

Once you’ve signed the contract, sent the payment and followed the instructions on

the email, you’re set to go! I’ll let you both know you’re fully booked in!

During / after our call, you guys can decide and confirm which package you’d like

to go for. We can discuss on our call which package would suit you both best.

Once weve chatted, I’ll send you an email containing all the information on how to book. My booking process mainly consists of you both signing an online contract and sending a non-refundable booking fee of £500.

We will have a call before you book to make sure we are a perfect fit for eachother.

I’ll work around whatever date and time suits you best for a call. Usually I tend to call couples on weekdays around 7pm, but I’m super flexible! We can go through every question you may have and chat about anything and everything wedding related.

Let me know you both are interested in booking! Drop me an email and we can move forward with getting your date booked into my calendar.


Gallery Delivery / Editing Process

Your wedding gallery will be delivered within 6 months after your wedding. The editing process of your wedding consists of culling the raw footage, syncing up and culling your ceremony & speeches, finding fitting music for your film, colouring your footage and finalising the film before export.

I strive to try and film both preps if I can, but if they are located more than 15 minutes from each other or on opposite sides of a major site ( Dublin ), I tend to stick with just one prep. This can be discussed and organised closer to the time of your wedding.

Do you film/photo both Preps in the morning?

I stay solo on the wedding day. This works better for me when filming your wedding. I can attempt to source a second videographer if needs.

Do you have a second shooter?

Thank you!

I appreciate you taking the time to read through my packages and pricing. I hope this has informed you more about what I offer. If you have any more questions, please just send me an email!